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2023 Summer

Pearl NAVI 2023

The latest pearl collection that attracts high-end jewelers


Rediscover the charm of new pearls!

Mutual charm that stands out with pearls and colored stones

A chic mode world seen in the mysterious black pearl

“Irregular” beauty created by nature The charm of baroque pearls

Pearl Live

Pearl General Theory: What happens! ? A pearl market where prices never stop rising

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Ishifuku jewelry parts

Studio Tesoro

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Austy Lee

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Bittal Trading Company

Sarine Technologies

Colored stone live

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Japan Precious News

“NADIA” opens a new flagship shop in Ginza 6-chome / “STAR JEWELRY” opens its first store in mainland China in collaboration with Primo Global Holdings / A long-established jewelry store in Fukui transforms into a manufacturing retailer / IIJS Signature 2023 will be held / ‘FURA Gems’ 55.22 Carat Ruby Up for Sotheby’s Auction! / “Brilliance Plus” starts handling lab-grown diamond engagement rings / Mitsuo Kaji’s oil painting collection “The World of Mitsuo Kaji Paintings” 7 people present