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2020 Autamun

2020 Bridal Jewelry Market Forcast

  • The number of marriage couples in 2019  increased for the first time in seven years, the number of marriage groups in 2020 will decrease
  • Analysis of factors affecting the number of married couples
  • 2020 consumer market Forcast
  • 2020 Diamond and Color stone forcast
  • 2020 Pearl jewelry forcast
  •  Exhibition (International chanthaburi gem & Jewelry Festival)
  •  column Lab grown Diamond
  •  Topics, Sotheby’s SJ jewelry
  •  SNS, E-commers

Analysis of factors affecting the bridal jewelry market in 2020

1. Cancel your trip or wedding, put your budget on jewelry by postponing
2. Increase in unit price due to increase in bullion price
3. Increased purchase opportunities due to increased online sales